About the Company:

Hermesetas is a popular sweetener brand sold in over 100 countries world-wide .

For the past century, Hermes has been actively engaged in producing and exporting sweetener ranges all over the world. Hermes is a Swiss company and was founded in 1904 as a trading company and has marketed – amongst other products – the first sweetener Saccharin. In 1932 Hermes registered the brand ‘Hermesetas’ as one of the first sweetener trademarks in the world. In 1954, Hermes introduced its second brand ‘Assugrin’.

About the manufacturing

As one of the largest manufacturers of table-top sweeteners in the world, we not only have the knowledge and experience to make top-class products but also have high standards in research, innovation and production that put us in the forefront of the market.

Hermesetas sweeteners are produced in our factory in Vouvry in the Canton of Valais, south western Switzerland. In this modern production plant close to the shores of lake Geneva we place great emphasis on the purity and efficacy of the raw materials we purchase as well as on the highest levels of quality control and on all aspects of hygiene during the manufacturing process.

The high level of automation at our factory allows us to produce individual packs to suit the requirements of individual countries and customers. All within the same production process. This flexibility combined with the highest standards of quality and a complete service from one source are without question major factors which make Hermes Sweeteners THE sweetener specialist in today’s world market.